3rd arrondissement of Lyon

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3rd arrondissement of Lyon
Coordinates: 45°45′30.96″N 4°51′20.96″E / 45.7586000°N 4.8558222°E / 45.7586000; 4.8558222Coordinates: 45°45′30.96″N 4°51′20.96″E / 45.7586000°N 4.8558222°E / 45.7586000; 4.8558222
MetropolisLyon Metropolis
 • MayorCatherine Panassier
 • Total6.35 km2 (2.45 sq mi)
 • Total103,506
 • Density16,000/km2 (42,000/sq mi)
1 Population sans doubles comptes: single count of residents of multiple communes (e.g. students and military personnel).
Western facade of the town hall of the 3rd arrondissement

The 3rd arrondissement of Lyon is one of the nine arrondissements of the City of Lyon.


  • 2006: 88,755 inhabitants
  • 2007: 89,000 inhabitants

It is the most populous arrondissement of Lyon and the second most densely populated after the 1st arrondissement of Lyon.

  • Relative density : 13,003 inhabitants/km2


The 3rd arrondissement was created by the Decree of 24 March 1852 (date of creation of the first five arrondissements). The text of 17 July 1867 the district has shared in two by creating the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. Then the 3rd district found its current limits, after it was split again when the 7th arrondissement of Lyon has been established (Text 8 March 1912).


  • 635 ha.


The quarters of the 3rd arrondissement are :

Montchat is delimited at the North by the route de Genas, at the East by the Vinatier street and boulevard Pinel, at the south Sud by the Rockefeller Avenue, the place d’Arsonval and the cours Albert Thomas' and at the West by the rue Feuillat.

Monuments and buildings[edit]

Street and places[edit]

Gardens and parks[edit]

  • Parc Bazin
  • Parc Chambovet
  • Parc Sisley
  • Jardin de la Place Bir Hakeim
  • Jardin Saint-Marie Perrin
  • Square Jussieu


Schools and universities[edit]

  • Ecole maternelle et Primaire
  • Molière, Collège public
  • Lacassagne, Collège public
  • Gilbert Dru, Collège public
  • Professeur Dargent, Collège public
  • Raoul Dufy, Collège public
  • Bon Secours, Collège privé
  • Charles de Foucauld, Collège privé
  • Ampère-Saxe, Lycée public
  • Lacassagne, Lycée public
  • Charles de Foucauld, Lycée privé
  • Montesquieu, Lycée privé

Sportive equipments[edit]

  • Stade Marc-Vivien Foé
  • Stade Eugénie
  • Gymnase Charial
  • Gymnase Francisque Anselme
  • Gymnase Mazenod
  • Gymnase Rebatel
  • Patinoire Baraban
  • Piscine Charial (hiver)
  • Piscine Garibaldi (hiver)

Cultural equipments[edit]


  • 2001-2008 : Patrick Huguet (UMP)
  • 2008- Today : Thierry Philip (PS)

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